Now available, the Mahatma charkha in the centennial year of Gandhi's call for its invention.

This charkha is true to the original design, but does not need tuning. It comes with the new style yarn stop on polished spindles, and has permanent bearings that need little if any oil. 

The O-ring drive band for the accelerator gives a ratio of approximately 48:1. I include a thinner band that gives a ratio of closer to 64:1, so with this charkha you have 2 ratios to choose from. The slower ratio is good for wool spun on the fold.

It is the same height and width of the original charkha, but is 2 and 3/8" thick, which is 3/8" thicker than the original. Yes, it fits in your Guatemalan charkha tote.

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Centennial charkha

GERALDINE BAGGETT on Sep 17th 2019

Very well made. Not rough like the traditional. Improvements--some sort of plastic insert instead of string bearings, better spindles, smoother metal rods for skeining, and no need to oil. It is a little noisier than the traditional charkha. I think the string bearings on the traditional quieten spinning up more. I love the traditional model but am glad they made improvements with this one. Worth buying.

An excellent tool.

Marlene Randall on Jul 18th 2019

So pleased with my new charkha. It seems very well made and I love that I don't have to fine tune anything. It was ready to go, right out of the box.

Mahatma Centennial Charka

Kathleen Foley on Jul 3rd 2019

No steel wool or sandpaper necessary! Amazing quality. It will make my cotton stash spin up like magic. Thank you to the clever folks behind this.