Limited Edition:

400 grams 80% cotton, 20% Babydoll Southdown wool

This fiber will not felt, and the blend will give a very springy yarn. The fleeces were different colors, so there is slight color variation.

This should be great for knitting.

400 grams is just under a pound, so it ships at the 1 pound rate.

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Sheepish cotton

Cheryl K Muckenfuss on Oct 31st 2019

I am new to cotton spinning and find that the Sheepish cotton is great for getting in the long draw groove. Looking forward to more cotton spinning.

Spins up just like cotton!

ElizabethvAnn on Jul 30th 2016

This Sheepish Cotton spins up just like cotton but is a bit stronger. I am just loving it. I plan to use some of it for socks; and then trying some for weaving.