Singin' the Blues

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Reclaimed denim! In 50 gram packages. Limited edition, when it's gone, it's gone.

Reclaimed is pre-consumer waste, from cutting rooms. Recycled is post-consumer waste.

These are intimate blends, blended during carding:

Blue Sky: reclaimed denim and organic cotton

Blue Blazes:  50% organic cotton, 25% reclaimed denim and 25% hemp. This is paler than the Blue Sky.

Blue Flax: 50% organic cotton, 25% reclaimed denim and 25% cottonized flax. This is paler than the Blue Sky.

Bluestocking: reclaimed denim and wool

These are draw blends, 6 to 8 ends at a time drawn through rollers to give a striped sliver. With any of these you can easily create a single shuttle plaid.

Blue Streak: might be 75% organic cotton/25% Blue Sky (might be 67/34...)

Streakat: (rhymes with ikat) might be 75% Blue Sky/25% organic cotton (might be 67/34...)

Tri-color: equal parts white organic cotton, brown organic cotton, Blue Sky

Sky Blue Pink: equal parts white organic cotton, stock dyed pink, Blue Sky