Tuned Indian Book Charkha

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Book size charkha from India, made in the Gandhi ashram.

Tuned means I've replaced the drive bands, sanded, polished, loosened, tightened, and generally converted it from the original rustic form to something easier for a westerner to use.

It comes with 3 spindles, a skein winder, and a new band set and the pdf download of Charkha 101 Notes.

Dimensions 10" x 7" x 2", and it weighs 1 pound 9 ounces.


(4 reviews) Write a Review

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    tuned indian book charkha

    Posted by katzi Engle on Apr 4th 2021

    Everything is a little stiff and needs to be broken in, but it runs smoothly and I am happy with it. I am still faster and more even on my CP wheel (ratio 1:16), because I am used to draw with my right hand, (also on the takli), but I am sure that I will become more efficient. For now I am happy to spin with the spindle pointing in the opposite direction. I am gad, that I now have a smaller piece of equipment for spinning cotton. I also like the clear step by step instruction and information. There is always something new to learn. Thanks for making it available.

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    Tuned book charkha

    Posted by David Stetson on Jan 5th 2018

    First this is the 3rd time I have written this review. The first 2 attempts were rejected apparently because I used my email rather than my husband's who purchased it for me as a Xmas gift. He paid $85 more for a tuned up charkha but the one I received was still really rough and dirty. I had to disassemble it and clean and oil it. All this without any assembly or operating instructions. Also no instructions on replacing drive bands, bearings, or other parts. The spindle assembly was mounted upside down which took some time to figure out. The arms of the skeinwinder do not fit snugly, they flop over and fall out. So unless I figure out a way to fix this the skeinwinder will be useless. I understood that paying more for the tuned up charkha meant a cleaned up fully operating charkha that was ready to go. Very disappointed.

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    Simply Wonderful

    Posted by Cassie on Feb 23rd 2017

    The charkha arrived extremely fast, and was packed very well. All of the parts are well made. Set up was a breeze. Spinning on this charkha is beyond words. I am extraordinarily pleased with the purchase.

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    Book Charkha

    Posted by Kathleen on Apr 18th 2016

    Wonderful product. Great price point too! The product shipped quickly. I HIGHLY recommend this company. The owner of this company is a superstar in the cotton spinning community, has high quality products.