Woven Shibori Scarf

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Shibori is the generic term for cloth resisted for dyeing; stitched resist is one of the ways to control folding. Traditional nui shibori is stitched by hand, then gathered and dyed.  Different types of stitches can be used and stitching in a curved line is possible.

The simplest stitch is the running stitch, and this can be accomplished in weaving by weaving parallel gathering threads in a pattern. These gathering threads are removed after the piece is gathered and dyed. 

This scarf was woven in a twill ground with overshot pattern. The twill gives nice drape. The warp is mixed hemp and cotton, and the weft is Dye-Lishus® cotton.  The patterned portion was gathered, then the scarf was dyed using dye made from black walnuts gathered from my tree.

6" x 58", excluding fringe. 4" twisted fringe on each end. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review