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Weft terry cloth

Next was exploring the loop. When you have an open sett and a springy weft yarn, that weft yarn try to fold back on itself when the fabric is relaxed. What sett, what yarn size in order to get a full loop as opposed to an arc? I've worked out the math, but my attempt [...]

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Deep structure

Moving right along, and playing with crepe twist ideas, I noticed that the fabric woven with a filling of “more than normal” twist curled up at one corner and down at the other. I had cut a small piece off a warp and the thing spiraled on itself. Well, one thought leads to another, so [...]

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Shaping cloth with twist energy and weave structure

I was weaving plain weave. At the time I was not really clued in to the amount of twist, other than to put enough in so it wouldn’t fall apart during weaving. So I put another warp on, and wove a small piece in plain weave, and on a whim, having nothing to do with [...]

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"Waisted energy"

The single shuttle plaid idea comes from using a sliver with several colors side by side and spinning a different color with each arm’s length draw. I was both a new spinner and a new weaver at the time, and weaving with my handspun helped me improve my spinning. My early spinning was not spun [...]

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My first handspun handwoven singles

My first project using singles for weft was a “single shuttle plaid”; I wove using a damask shuttle I got at a weaver’s estate sale; the shuttle did not have the usual rod that holds a bobbin, and all I needed to do to hold my spindle was to carve a space for the spindle [...]

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Cotton! I spin it, weave it, dye it with natural dyes, and teach all of the above internationally.I spin on an Indian book charkha. For me, this activity is meditative, and serves to center me, and in the words of someone more eloquent, “reconnect to the source of the gift“. My students have been [...]

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