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Textile dyeing and finishing is responsible for almost 20% of the water pollution world wide. You can make a difference by making your own clothing and dyeing it with natural dyes using Dye-Lishus® cotton fabrics, specialty fabrics made in the USA with organic cotton. You can use any dye and any dyeing technique to make it yourself, and make it your own.

Making great clothing starts with soft, high-quality fabric. New World Textiles supplies a high quality specialty fabric for dyers. These fabrics are made in the USA with all-natural, organic, domestic cotton and a revolutionary chemical treatment process to make the colors brighter and the fabric softer.


We have trademarked these fibers, yarns, and fabrics Dye-Lishus® cotton because they are sold ready to be dyed. There are a multitude of possibilities when you have pre-patterned, undyed cotton at your fingertips. whether you are currently a dyer or would like to learn, this fabric makes it easy to start and easy to convert from synthetic to natural dyes.

 The fabric begins with a mix of untreated organic cotton and pre-treated Dye-Lishus® cotton yarns. The organic cotton comes from Texas and is spun in North Carolina and woven into fabric at a mill nearby in South Carolina. The fiber is treated with a chemical that makes the fiber behave as if treated with a mordant prior to spinning and weaving. Just as mercerization changes the character of the cotton without leaving any of the processing chemicals on the cotton, there is no chemical residue left on this fiber. The treatment allows any dye to bind to the fabric, so you do not lose any color in the wash. The fabric is 4.5 oz/ square yard, in a 45 x 45 construction and 56” wide.

Order natural, undyed American-made Dye-Lishus® cotton fabric from New World Textiles by the bolt, by the half yard, or. get started with your project with a kit.

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