Moving right along, and playing with crepe twist ideas, I noticed that the fabric woven with a filling of “more than normal” twist curled up at one corner and down at the other. I had cut a small piece off a warp and the thing spiraled on itself. Well, one thought leads to another, so how to harness that, or exploit it?
I went back to the loom and the double weave on a two-block twill. Except I made a novelty fringe by alternating S and Z crepe twist yarns, with the S floating over block A but weaving block B, and the Z floating over block B but weaving A. Then! I cut it off the loom and sliced up the column of floats to separate longish fringe strips that alternated Z and S twist. I've only made it to the loom with this concept once, though the idea is still intriguing.
By the way, it is inaccurate to say that a woven fabric will “bias”. When flattened out, the fabric remains a rectangle. The corners do curl, but the warp and weft are always at right angles to each other.