Weft terry cloth

Posted by Eileen Hallman on Sep 18th 2015

Weft terry cloth

Next was exploring the loop. When you have an open sett and a springy weft yarn, that weft yarn try to fold back on itself when the fabric is relaxed. What sett, what yarn size in order to get a full loop as opposed to an arc? I've worked out the math, but my attempt at making it happen didn't quite go as far as the full loop. That's partly because I wove the cotton alternately with wool, with the intent that the wool would shrink and make the cotton go loopy. I didn't have the nerve to finish it to the full extent. The fabric is wonderful to handle.
How I made it:

I took a Photoshop For Dobby Weaving class from Alice Schlein. We learned to weave text, which at the time was not on my radar. By the end of the class, I was hooked, but what do I have to say? => I agree with Gandhi, "Take to spinning for peace of mind."

So I wove the text in longish 7/1 satin floats in the handspun brown cotton, alternating with the wool in a plain weave. 20/2 cotton warp, sett at 16 epi. Yes, 16. So the wool shrank and the cotton made loops.
The fabric is intended for a fall work shirt--windbreaker on the outside, wicking terry loops on the inside.(Usually terry cloth is made with warp loops.)

It hung in the yardage exhibit at the 2012 Convergence in Long Beach.It's still yardage...