Zanshi Khadi

Feb 23rd 2016

Zanshi Khadi

Zanshi is the Japanese concept of using up leftover yarns to weave fabric. Generally the yarns are tied together and used as weft.

Khadi is the Hindi word for handspun, handwoven cloth. Wiki tells me that it is made from yarn spun on a charkha.

I demonstrate in public whenever and wherever I can, and usually do not work on something for a project at those times. I will often allow a spectator to become a participant, and I don't always want that yarn to be a part of my project. So after 15 or so years of demonstrating, my 100% miscellaneous handspun yarn stash is substantial.

Catherine Ellis introduced me to the zanshi concept many years ago, and it occurred to me that I could use those miscellaneous bits in a random stripe cloth. You can see some on the Inspiration/Weaving page of the website. 

So look at this!! NO, I did not weave it or fashion it into this beautiful outfit.

You can see I Googled "Khadi clothing" to find it. The website is given above the picture, but I've embedded the link.

Just click on the image to go to the website. There is a slide show, and this is slide #8, designer 11.11.

From their Facebook page,

"What 11.11 represents :
eleven / eleven is a signifier for synchronicity – 1 specifically is the number of mastery according to numerologists. eleven / eleven mainly represents a continuous quest for mastery and excellence."