Reclaimed cotton, dyed chestnut brown before carding.

Limited edition, from an experimental batch. Contains some shorter than normal fiber, not easily spun industrially but easily spun on a charkha.

Available in 12 ounce quantities, ships inexpensively in a bag via first class mail at that weight.

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Soft and rich

Julia on Dec 20th 2017

This fiber is delightfully soft and as another reviewer mentioned, it is a richer, more golden brown than the photo indicates. I've begun spinning it on an Akha spindle. Due to the very short fibers the yarn turning out fuzzy and rustic. 12 oz. is an abundant amount - looks like it is time to buy a charkha!

Lovely brown

Vivian on May 19th 2017

The cotton is excellent quality, and the chestnut color is much richer than shown on the web site ( which could be my own color settings). It's a good brown to complement some of the other colors I have already.