Each bolt of cotton is sold undyed. All of these fabrics are made in the Carolinas, within a 150 mile radius of Asheville, NC.

Fabric is 54" wide, 45 x 45 construction, 15 yards on a bolt.

Dye-Lishus® fabric is currently available in four styles.

The semi-solid style consists of classic undyed cotton crossed with pretreated cotton, giving it that beautifully medium to pastel look when viewed from afar.

Pixelated Dye-Lishus® cotton fabric is constructed by alternating treated and untreated yarns across untreated cotton. This creates a slightly lighter color when viewed at a distance.

Striped Dye-Lishus® cotton alternates stripes of treated and untreated yarns across untreated yarn. The result is a classic white or light and colored stripe pattern.

Shaded Dye-Lishus® cotton fabric creates a color scale, which blends from your color of choice to white and back to the color again – a truly fun, yet simple pattern.

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