The complete Spinning Cotton on the Charkha DVD in downloadable form. It consists of 3 parts; Charkha 101, Advanced Techniques, and the pdf insert with angle and wrap gauges.

The instructional segments are:

Charkha 101 - The Basics

Opening & Assembly



Preparatory Exercises

Preparing to Spin


Solving Potential Problems

When to Pinch

When not to Pinch

Excessive Tension


Roving Separation

Yarn Breakage

Simultaneous Motions

Removing Yarn from Spindle

Taking a Break

Using the Skeiner

Advanced Techniques

Starting a new spindle without a leader

Speed Techniques

Drafting at the end of wind on

Speed spinning


Yarn diameter

Twist angle

Yarn count

Qualitative Check

Color Separation & Control




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Charkha 101

Diana on Jul 4th 2019

Charkha 101 is methodical, easy to follow and pleasant to watch. Just what I needed to start spinning.

Spinning Cotton on the Charkha

Linda Wilson on Jul 3rd 2018

This is an excellent video with a lot of material presented at a pace easy to follow.

Informative...A must-have!

Kathleen on Apr 18th 2016

If you want to learn how to spin on a Charkha, you need this item. Eileen is THE go to person for spinning cotton. Easy to follow, you won't be disappointed. I had a technical issue (on my end) Eileen followed up right away. Best customer service.

Awesome video and customer service

Tina on Apr 14th 2016

No complaints here. Purchase was a smooth transaction, help was provided very quickly and video taught me a lot.

Digital Download review

Eyejs on Feb 25th 2016

Good information in this digital download. My charkha arrived a few days after I had downloaded this so it was great to watch it first and then re watch following the steps with the charkha. Haven't got to Part 2 yet. Would have appreciated being able to download more than once and have it on to more than one device ie tablet as well as desk top.